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Limestone is a beautiful stone choice for luxurious looking homes. It is aesthetically pleasing and is a solid building material. Limestone has been used around the world in the design of properties, buildings, walls, and gardens. The French adore it. The English love it, and here in America we cannot get enough of it.

J & J Stone Company Incorporated is a stonework company based out of Jarrell, TX. We provide high-quality and premium cut limestone for a number of residential and commercial uses. We supply to individuals and to contractors in the construction business and masonry industry.

Limestone has been used to build mansions and castles, colonial-style and contemporary homes. It can be found in countless buildings and monuments, and it has been used for centuries and throughout history.

Limestone is primarily made up of calcium carbonate and is a sedimentary rock. Quarries like the Georgetown, TX, quarry excavate limestone from the ground. J & J Stone Company Incorporated has strong relationships with central Texas quarries, so we can offer local limestone at affordable prices. It is a favorite of home designers and contractors, alike.

At J & J Stone Company Incorporated, we offer a wide range of limestone colors such as:

• Cream to Yellow and Orange
• White to Cream
• Yellow to Rust
• Light to Dark Tan
• Light Tan to Brown
• Buff to Brown
• Gray
• Cream to Reddish

These are just a few of the limestone colors we offer. Our online brochure provides more extensive details and images of our color combinations.

For more information on limestone and our high-quality stone offerings, contact J & J Stone Company Incorporated in Jarrell, TX.