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Sandstone adds charm and character to homes, building, walls, and walkways. That rustic stone cottage in the woods—the one you dream of spending a romantic weekend in—is most likely made of sandstone. It is timeless, classic, and suitable for both exterior and interior use. Sandstone is not just a pretty stone, however. It is a highly durable building material that outlasts many other building materials.

J & J Stone Company Incorporated acquires sandstone from central Texas quarries. We are well-established and thoroughly understand the stone industry. Our years of experience and relationships in the business allow us to offer you premium cut stones at competitive prices.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that consists of sand or quartz grains that have been cemented together. At J & J Stone Company Incorporated in Jarrell, TX we provide premium cut sandstone at competitive prices for residential and commercial use. Many question whether sandstone is prone to drainage problems or damp, but as long as sandstone is maintained properly, it remains a solid building material.

At J & J Stone Company Incorporated, we value customer service and will consult you on the stone specifications and stone coverage per ton. We are experts in the business and will ensure that when you place an order, you know exactly what you are getting.

If you need sandstone for residential or commercial use, call J & J Stone Company Incorporated in Jarrell, TX. We will discuss our wide selection and get you the amount of sandstone you are looking for to complete your project.